BWN's Lead Consultant, Dr. Bing Ni, is a Chartered Geotechnical Engineer with over 35 years of experience working on influential projects in both New Zealand and overseas (China, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, PNG and Canada). In the past 25 years, he’s worked with some of New Zealand’s most successful engineering consultancies including Tokin & Taylor, Coffey and Opus as a senior Geotechnical Engineer. Dr. Bing Ni’s expertise has been crucial to many projects all over New Zealand and overseas, from large sized infrastructures, major highways and high-rise buildings to small scaled developments. Below is a small selection of his recent and past projects



Southern Corridor Improvements

Commercial Bay

Northern Corridor Improvements

Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant

AMETI Panmure Phase 1 (Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative)

NGA (Northern Gateway Alpurt B2)

THL (Tauranga Harbour Link)

Leone Bridge (Samoa)

Western Belfast Bypass (Christchurch)

Waikato Expressway Package 1

Nabouwalu Road Improvement (Fiji, 14 Bridges)

Caversham Highway Improvements (Dunedin)

Mt Albert Station

MIT Transport Interchange

Lihir Gold Mine (PNG)

Wiri Mens Prison

Huntly North Ventilation Shaft

Brisbane Airport Link

NSW Pacific Highway Upgrade (Australia)



Mount albert station
Waikato Expressway
Wiri Mens Prison
PNG Lihir Gold Mine
Panmure AMETI
Northen Gateway
Dunedin Caversham Highway Improvemen
Nabouwalu Road improvements - Fiji
Nabouwalu Road improvements - Fiji
North Gateway
Brisbane Airport Link
Brisbane Airport Link
AMETI Panmure
AMETI Panmure

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