BWN specialises in providing quality-focused, cost-effective and dependable geotechnical support service to all clients- from developers to homeowners or businesses. With a highly skilled background and over 35 years of project experience, BWN can provide clients with reliable and cost-effective geotechnical solutions and support whilst meeting critical requirements and programs.



BWN can provide a full site investigation service tailored to satisfy the various regulatory requirements of Planning & Council, Environmental health departments, Department of housing and building and so forth.


Geotechnical Investigation, Inspection, Assessment and Design

Whether it's retaining walls, slope stability issues, piled foundations or any project where a full understanding of the soil and rock characteristics are required, BWN can provide the design solution you require.






  • Geotechnical investigation and report

  • Retaining wall and foundation design

  • Geotechnical consulting/supervision for land development

  • Slope stability assessment and embankment design

  • Land/foundation damage assessment and remediation

  • Flood assessment

Geotechnical | Environmental